Art of Improvisation Festival (Dordogne) 

The art of improvisation conventions have been held in the Dordogne since 2012, 2nd edition, 2014). We’re preparing at present the third edition, which will take place from Saturday, 16 to Friday, the July 22nd, 2016.
Origin of the convention :
the festival came from  the collaboration of three associations, who had already worked together or other projects. We wish to bring different forms of improvisation together. We hope to mix work and old friendships to create new artistic forms, and to offer this mix to a wider public. To create this exchange  is the challenge.
2016: Rapsodie Danse Singulière follows this adventure alone: another edition, another territory, new meetings, another energy, and the confirmation of our will to work in the service of our art.  But also in the service of culture in general, free improvisation, the freedom of expression,our imagination, and its difusion. Our artistic and educational program is developing: we shall still offer training courses centered around artists’ physical performances, dance, voice, sound and music. We promise you beautiful surprises
We hope to find you soon on our blog for more information on this matter 
The third meeting will take place by means of the Conseil General of the Dordogne, various City halls and the villages of Dordogne who are prepared to help …